Published: Monday, August 29, 2011

Recycled Edmonds campaign signs don’t constitute a contribution

The 52 four-year-old campaign yard signs that an Edmonds City Council candidate bought from a retiring council member don’t constitute a campaign contribution.
That’s what state Public Disclosure Commission officials told candidate Joan Bloom last week.
Bloom bought the signs from Councilman Steve Bernheim, who is not seeking re-election. She paid $10 for the signs that Bernheim was about to throw away.
She said she planned to cover Bernheim’s name with her own.
When Bloom’s opponent, incumbent Councilman DJ Wilson, heard about Bloom’s reusing Bernheim’s signs, he said that the transaction should be considered an in-kind contribution.
But the PDC official told Bloom that it is not a contribution as long as Bernheim considered the price fair.
Bernheim says that the signs have no value.
Bloom said that the PDC official had told her that she would simply have to declare the $10 as a campaign expense.
Bernheim said last week that the one market for the signs is a landfill, where he’d have to pay to get rid of them.
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