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Published: Sunday, May 26, 2013, 8:50 p.m.

Snohomish County Amateur scores and tee times

Flight 1 (+3.5 to 4.9)
Gross Scores
At Mill Creek CC (Par 72)
(First round at Walter E. Hall GC -- Par 72)
Brycen Finnie, HP 70-73--143
Jacob Rohde, LM 73-70--143
Alex Stamey, EGCC 73-71--144
Anthony Allen, Glen 71-73--144
Chris Hatch, HP 73-72--145
Luke Bakke, MC 75-71--146
Paul Bonorden, LM 71-75--146
Nick Hardy, MC 77-70--147
Brandon Agnew, HP 73-75--148
Stephen Lee, EGCC 73-75--148
Duane Diede, EGCC 75-74--149
Brian Barhanovich, EGCC 77-73--150
Brian Shanks, HP 73-77--150
Jeff Grossman, MC 76-74--150
Sean Hall, LM 72-78--150
Connor Miele, LM 75-76--151
Ed Lee, HP 77-74--151
Jeff Strickland, Sno 72-79--151
Steven Cabanday, LM 77-74--151
Chris Babcock, EGCC 76-76--152
Ira Armad, LM 78-74--152
Mark Strickland, HP 74-78--152
Barret McGinnis, MC 73-80--153
Ryan Yalowicki, HP 78-75--153
Conner Denessen, MC 77-77--154
John Pechan, HP 72-82--154
Mark Coghill, BC 77-77--154
Owen Fenner, SR 78-76--154
Sean Goldfinch, EGCC 74-80--154
Aaron Fisher, HP 76-79--155
Thomas Choe, HP 76-79--155
Todd Tibke, Sno 75-80--155
Eric McCabe, WH 78-78--156
Johnny Carey, HP 73-83--156
Halen Davis, BC 77-80--157
Kevin Shewfelt, EGCC 82-75--157
Kyle Lubash, WH 78-79--157
Mark Johnson, Jor 78-79--157
Nick Onustack, WH 77-80--157
Scott Tapp, EGCC 80-77--157
Tim Cameron, LM 77-80--157
Jack Kelly, Lynn 77-81--158
John Riley, Sno 81-77--158
Keith Putz, LM 79-79--158
Michael Martinez, HP 76-82--158
Chris Bae, LM 79-80--159
Gary Baunsgard, BC 77-82--159
Ben Richards, EGCC 78-82--160
Chris Pladsen, EGCC 83-77--160
Christopher Trent, HP 80-80--160
Darrald Carey, Jor 76-84--160
Scott Chambard, Sno 73-87--160
Lance Kilbride, HP 74-87--161
Robert Kaindl, HP 80-82--162
Jack Meehan, LM 80-83--163
Jay Ellingson, EGCC 79-84--163
Michael Ostergaard, LM 77-86--163
Michael VanDaveer, Sno 83-80--163
Rowan Foxley, EGCC 77-86--163
John McDonald, LM 83-81--164
Mike Seek, EGCC 82-82--164
Paul Reni, Sno 77-87--164
Stan Strickland, Sno 83-81--164
Kevin Coghill, Glen 80-85--165
Ace Younggren, EF 82-84--166
Brandon Hill, HP 81-86--167
Steve Klimek, EGCC 85-82--167
Tyler Singer, HP 88-81--169
Jeff Tarbox, LM 78-92--170
Steve Wanaka, EGCC 87-84--171
Toat Brandvold, Sno 82-89--171
Tyler Claybrook, Sno 78-93--171
Jason Barth, HP 84-90--174
Tom Morris, MC 84-94--178
John Burke, LM 86-95--181
Brian Cross, Jor 79-NS--NS
Sean Fitzpatrick, SR 80-NS--NS
Flight 2 (5.0 to 10.2)
Net Scores
At Everett G & CC (Par 72)
(First round at Mill Creek CC -- Par 72)
CJ Santeford, Glen 74-67--141
John Grandemange, HP 71-70--141
Steve Laue, LM 72-71--143
Brian Wimer, WH 73-72--145
Ken Wilson, WH 69-77--146
Tony Hatziliadis, WH 73-73--146
Mark Brandvold, Sno 75-72--147
Mark Duffy, EGCC 79-68--147
Gary McDonald, EGCC 76-72--148
Jerry Fullwiler, Jor 78-70--148
Steve Hobson, Ced 77-72--149
Henry Choi, HP 75-76--151
Allen Keophilavanh, LM 76-76--152
Dawa Sangpo, SR 76-76--152
Jerry Slind, Ken 76-76--152
Jesse Durham, EGCC 76-77--153
Ben Headland, LM 80-74--154
Dave Ponting, EGCC 80-75--155
Josh O'Connor, Ken 76-79--155
Jacob Newman, Ced 82-74--156
Jerry Browning, WH 77-79--156
Kevin Harmon, Ced 76-80--156
Richard Black, LM 80-76--156
Steven Howell, Sno 79-77--156
Bob Wallin, BC 77-80--157
Brett Engstrom, WH 79-78--157
Larry Montgomery, LM 78-80--158
Alex Mattson, WH 76-83--159
Adam White, EGCC 82-78--160
John M. Jones, WH 82-78--160
Joel Taylor, EGCC 80-81--161
Brent Eble, MC 76-86--162
Ryan Vanetta, WH 88-74--162
Gene Tompkins, WH 86-77--163
Ajinder Handa, GUB 76-89--165
Bret Buckles, EGCC 86-79--165
Kevin Spalti, WH 84-82--166
Kelly Jorgensen, MC 83-85--168
Flight 3 (10.3 to 19.5)
Net Scores
At Everett G & CC (Par 72)
(First round at Mill Creek CC -- Par 72)
Greg Guest, WH 71-64--135
Ryan Roehl, Jor 70-65--135
Richard Thamsen, WH 71-69--140
Tony Blanco, MC 68-73--141
Julian Michael, Jor 71-73--144
Ryan Kerr, HP 71-75--146
Kyung wook Oh, HP 78-71--149
Mike Ross, HP 75-74--149
Tad Smith, LM 78-71--149
Dick Ludwig, LM 75-75--150
Dale Ingrum, LM 75-76--151
Phillip Wilson, WH 77-74--151
Kevin Moynihan, LM 75-77--152
Doug Baker, BC 78-77--155
Josh Reid, EGCC 80-75--155
Mark Johnstonbaugh, WH 82-73--155
Steve Hall, SR 74-81--155
Jeffrey Abernathy, WH 81-75--156
Ron Sisko, WH 84-74--158
Matthew Harper, WH 79-80--159
Mike Nikolas, LM 85-74--159
Skip Adams, BC 75-84--159
John Morrill, Jor 81-81--162
Darrell Stubblefield, Sno 85-78--163
Floyd Gale, Ced 82-81--163
Steve Morris, MC 84-79--163
Matt Wells, WH 83-81--164
Mike Llewellyn, LM 83-81--164
Charles Solarek, WH 79-87--166
Jay Snyder, BC 81-85--166
Tom Douglas, EGCC 84-83--167
Allan Taylor, WH 84-84--168
Cory Christianson, Ced 86-86--172
Today's Pairings
Flight 1 (+3.5 to 4.9)
At Everett G & CC
10:00 a.m. -- John Burke, LM; Tom Morris, MC; Jason Barth, HP
10:09 a.m. -- Tyler Claybrook, Sno; Toat Brandvold, Sno; Steve Wanaka, EGCC
10:18 a.m. -- Jeff Tarbox, LM; Tyler Singer, HP; Steve Klimek, EGCC
10:27 a.m. -- Brandon Hill, HP; Ace Younggren, EF; Kevin Coghill, Glen
10:36 a.m. -- Paul Reni, Sno; Stan Strickland, Sno; Mike Seek, EGCC
10:45 a.m. -- John McDonald, LM; Michael VanDaveer, Sno; Michael Ostergaard, LM
10:54 a.m. -- Jay Ellingson, EGCC; Jack Meehan, LM; Rowan Foxley, EGCC
11:03 a.m. -- Robert Kaindl, HP; Lance Kilbride, HP; Scott Chambard, Sno
11:12 a.m. -- Christopher Trent, HP; Chris Pladsen, EGCC; Darrald Carey, Jor
11:21 a.m. -- Ben Richards, EGCC; Chris Bae, LM; Gary Baunsgard, BC
11:30 a.m. -- Michael Martinez, HP; John Riley, Sno; Keith Putz, LM
11:39 a.m. -- Jack Kelly, Lynn; Kevin Shewfelt, EGCC; Scott Tapp, EGCC
11:48 a.m. -- Nick Onustack, WH; Mark Johnson, Jor; Kyle Lubash, WH
11:57 a.m. -- Halen Davis, BC; Tim Cameron, LM; Johnny Carey, HP
12:06 p.m. -- Eric McCabe, WH; Aaron Fisher, HP; Todd Tibke, Sno
12:15 p.m. -- Thomas Choe, HP; Mark Coghill, BC; John Pechan, HP
12:24 p.m. -- Conner Denessen, MC; Owen Fenner, SR; Sean Goldfinch, EGCC
12:33 p.m. -- Barret McGinnis, MC; Ryan Yalowicki, HP; Chris Babcock, EGCC
12:42 p.m. -- Mark Strickland, HP; Ira Armad, LM; Jeff Strickland, Sno
12:51 p.m. -- Connor Miele, LM; Steven Cabanday, LM; Ed Lee, HP
1:00 p.m. -- Jeff Grossman, MC; Brian Barhanovich, EGCC; Sean Hall, LM
1:09 p.m. -- Brian Shanks, HP; Duane Diede, EGCC; Stephen Lee, EGCC
1:18 p.m. -- Brandon Agnew, HP; Nick Hardy, MC; Luke Bakke, MC
1:27 p.m. -- Paul Bonorden, LM; Chris Hatch, HP; Anthony Allen, Glen
1:36 p.m. -- Alex Stamey, EGCC; Brycen Finnie, HP; Jacob Rohde, LM
Flight 2 (5.0 to 10.2)
At Walter Hall GC
6:30 a.m. -- Kelly Jorgensen, MC; Kevin Spalti, WH
6:39 a.m. -- Bret Buckles, EGCC; Ajinder Handa, GUB; Gene Tompkins, WH
6:48 a.m. -- Brent Eble, MC; Ryan Vanetta, WH; Joel Taylor, EGCC
6:57 a.m. -- John M. Jones, WH; Adam White, EGCC; Alex Mattson, WH
7:06 a.m. -- Larry Montgomery, LM; Bob Wallin, BC; Brett Engstrom, WH
7:15 a.m. -- Jerry Browning, WH; Richard Black, LM; Jacob Newman, Ced
7:24 a.m. -- Steven Howell, Sno; Kevin Harmon, Ced; Dave Ponting, EGCC
7:33 a.m. -- Josh O'Connor, Ken; Ben Headland, LM; Jesse Durham, EGCC
7:42 a.m. -- Jerry Slind, Ken; Allen Keophilavanh, LM; Dawa Sangpo, SR
7:51 a.m. -- Henry Choi, HP; Steve Hobson, Ced; Gary McDonald, EGCC
8:00 a.m. -- Jerry Fullwiler, Jor; Mark Duffy, EGCC; Mark Brandvold, Sno
8:09 a.m. -- Ken Wilson, WH; Tony Hatziliadis, WH; Brian Wimer, WH
8:18 a.m. -- Steve Laue, LM; CJ Santeford, Glen; John Grandemange, HP
Flight 3 (10.3 to 19.5)
At Walter Hall GC
8:27 a.m. -- Cory Christianson, Ced; Allan Taylor, WH; Tom Douglas, EGCC
8:36 a.m. -- Jay Snyder, BC; Charles Solarek, WH; Mike Llewellyn, LM
8:45 a.m. -- Matt Wells, WH; Steve Morris, MC; Floyd Gale, Ced
8:54 a.m. -- Darrell Stubblefield, Sno; John Morrill, Jor; Skip Adams, BC
9:03 a.m. -- Matthew Harper, WH; Mike Nikolas, LM; Ron Sisko, WH
9:12 a.m. -- Jeffrey Abernathy, WH; Doug Baker, BC; Steve Hall, SR
9:21 a.m. -- Josh Reid, EGCC; Mark Johnstonbaugh, WH; Kevin Moynihan, LM
9:30 a.m. -- Dale Ingrum, LM; Phillip Wilson, WH; Dick Ludwig, LM
9:39 a.m. -- Mike Ross, HP; Tad Smith, LM; Kyung wook Oh, HP
9:48 a.m. -- Ryan Kerr, HP; Julian Michael, Jor; Tony Blanco, MC
9:57 a.m. -- Richard Thamsen, WH; Ryan Roehl, Jor; Greg Guest, WH
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