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Web Monkey
May 29  |  By Doug Parry
Apple can keep its Watches off our bodies Do you have your Apple Watch yet? Just 2 percent said they do in our latest poll at, with 4 percent more saying they can't wait to get one. That leaves 94 percent scratching our heads and wondering what the rest of...

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May 22  |  By Doug Parry
When you play politics, someone else might get hurt Is nothing sacred?

We tried to have a nice, innocent Internet poll, and politics just had to go and ruin it.

Our latest survey at asked who would get your vote for county executive if the election were held today — John Lovick, Dave Somers or someone else.

We figured "Someone Else" would win.

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May 15  |  By Doug Parry
With politics on the menu, do you eat at Chick-fil-A? They say the "third rail" of American politics is Social Security, but I think it might actually be chicken.

In our latest poll at, we asked if you would ever eat at Chick-fil-A, the

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May 11  |  By Doug Parry
Everett is making a big-screen cameo in the new movie "7 Minutes," and Hollywood Reporter says the film turned out well. But one passage from its review caught our eye:

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May 8  |  By Doug Parry
At the movies, you're holding out for a hero this summer In our latest poll, we had you choose from among the six most blockbustery looking summer movies to tell us which you're most excited about. Here's how the vote broke down, along with a brief synopsis* of each film:

*Note: All plot synopses are approximate.

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May 4  |  By Doug Parry
If you tried to visit HeraldNet today between, oh about 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., you might have noticed that we had some technical difficulties. If you're reading this now, we must have a working website again.

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May 1  |  By Doug Parry
A recent Herald editorial said we should put a state income tax on the table. Your response? Take that right back off the table. Then chop the table into small pieces and burn the house down, just to be sure.

State Treasurer James McIntire's proposal is pretty moderate. It would be a flat 5 percent tax on income above $50,000, along with a reduction in the state...

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April 24  |  By Doug Parry
Most of us like music we can spin In our latest poll at, we asked for your all-time favorite music format. Let's break it down, MC Hammer-style:

CDs (35 percent of the vote): They have high-quality sound and cool liner notes, can be 70 minutes long and are fairly indestructible. What's not to...

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April 17  |  By Doug Parry
It starts out clumsy and messy but exhilarating. And then, nine months later, you're sorting out how your life has changed.

We're talking, of course, about Washington's bouncing baby marijuana business. Stores have been open for nine months, and the state is still a little clueless.

One thing has been plain from the start. The taxing and regulation of marijuana is such a convoluted mess, you'd think everyone was smoking something. Depending on whether you're a...

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April 14  |  By Doug Parry
Procrastinators, we are here for you.

The Everett Post Office isn't, though. It no longer stays open until midnight on April 15 for late tax filers. If your tradition is to drop your taxes in the mail at closing time, you'll need to arrive before 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

If you truly want the experience of mailing your tax returns after dark, you'll need to make the trek to the

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April 13  |  By Doug Parry
Boat racers took to the water Saturday for the Kenmore Hydroplane Cup.

The event was held on the north end of Lake Washington at the Kenmore Boat Launch and Log Boom Park. Competitors raced one or two boats at a time up the Sammamish River, around an oval course and back to the Kenmore Boat Launch. The racers sped past some rather imposing concrete bridge supports.

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April 10  |  By Jessi Loerch
I usually love trees. Except every spring, when I decide I'd rather pave paradise than live with one more second of seasonal allergies.

For a few weeks each March and April, I sound and feel like my head is full of cotton. In fact, it's stuffed full of tree pollen and, well, snot. During these weeks, I'm horrifically unproductive. It's hard to get anything done while constantly out of breath. I'm pretty sure my coworkers are wearing headphones just so they don't have to...

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April 3  |  By Doug Parry
You're letting yourself believe in the Mariners, aren't you? Longtime Seattle Mariners fans will remember the team once promoted itself with the slogan — and I am not making this up — "Anything can happen."

Those were the dark days of the early 1980s, when the best we could expect was the random chance that our team might luck into a good season. Well, that and a Kingbeer for less than five bucks.

Eventually we got a few good years and some playoff appearances. But sadly, since Edgar Martinez...

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March 31  |  By Doug Parry
Google Maps has turned itself into a retro arcade in time for April Fools' Day, with a fully playable Pac-Man game.

To play, go to any location on Google Maps and look to the bottom left corner of the screen for the Pac-Man icon. The screen then transforms itself into a video game, complete with Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. Use this link to play on Everett's streets.

You can do this for any city grid...

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March 27  |  By Doug Parry
We all have our superpowers. Superman can fly. The Hulk can smash. I have the uncanny ability to find free street parking.

Sporting events, concerts, you name it. Even in a crowd, there's a good chance I will find a free spot. I'll arrive as someone is leaving and swoop in for one of those precious spaces along the curb. What can I say? It's a gift.

I'm afraid those of us with this power will be sorely tested this summer at Lighthouse Park in Mukilteo. With...

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March 20  |  By Doug Parry
When big corporations hand out layoff notices, they say it's nothing personal. We all know that workers are just cogs in the machine, and sometimes the machine needs fewer cogs.

But when every cog in the state chips in to make the machine happy, we start to take the layoff notices more personally.

Boeing should be getting that message from Rep. June Robinson's bill that would roll...

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March 13  |  By Doug Parry
Do we need a woman president before a woman goes on the $20? I've been known to spend a little of my free time at the track, and it's always a good feeling to come home with a wallet full of dead presidents.

The thing about dead presidents is, they're all dudes. Yes, men are the Harlem Globetrotters of U.S. presidential elections. We're on a 226-year, 57-election winning streak.

Not that one has to be a president to land on U.S. currency. Alexander Hamilton, the face of the $10 bill, was never elected, but he was the...

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March 6  |  By Doug Parry
Here's a golden business idea. Hire a bunch of young men ages 16-20, work them 65 hours a week making a product that's in demand, and here's the key: Pay the workers next to nothing.

Is this the internship program at Boeing? No. (Not yet anyway.) It is, however, the business model for the Everett Silvertips and the rest of the Western Hockey League. Players do get room and board during the season, but as a

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February 27  |  By Doug Parry
The latest poll at had one thing in common with the state's presidential primary. Neither has any bearing on who will be the next president of the United States.

Since the next primary will cost taxpayers $11.5 million, that's a problem.

At this point, Democrats plan to ignore the 2016 primary election results and...

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February 26  |  By Doug Parry
'The Marshawn Lynch Story' gets a bad review from its leading man Marshawn Lynch's offseason has more twists and turns than a soap opera.

The latest is a firestorm surrounding an upcoming biopic about his life, "Family First: The Marshawn Lynch Story." After a trailer for the movie dropped on Tuesday, the Internet's judgment of it was swift and harsh, and Lynch reportedly went "Beast Mode" on the filmmaker.

Director Mario Bobino told...

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February 20  |  By Doug Parry
How to end the Marysville traffic nightmare (or give up trying) If you live in Marysville, you've probably done the math: "If I spend 30 minutes a day getting in and out of town, I'm spending … oh my god, I'm wasting too much of my life behind this minivan."

It turns out that it's a bad idea to keep adding people who need to get through the same tiny chokepoints at the same time, while trains regularly block the roads.

In a

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February 13  |  By Doug Parry
Sterilization: When justice is just a snip away Here's a little dinner conversation for your Valentine's Day date: Forced sterilization, yea or nay?

After the horrible news recently about a Lake Stevens couple who allegedly abandoned their children in filthy conditions, several people on our Facebook page suggested they were prime...

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February 12  |  By Doug Parry
The city of Everett posted this video of one day in the life (or death, rather) of the Broadway Bridge. The bridge is over an active rail line. See if you can count how many trains zip by during the video.

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February 6  |  By Doug Parry
A game-ending interception at the 1-yard line in the Super Bowl is like a dagger to the gut, an ice pick to the skull. You get the idea. It's been a rough week.

Let's talk about something less painful: needles. Specifically the ones used to inject vaccines into our kids.

In light of the recent measles outbreaks, we asked at

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January 30  |  By Doug Parry
This week, we see how the county courthouse project is faring in the court of public opinion.

First, a recap.

Long story short, Snohomish County's courthouse was built in 1967, featuring asbestos, earthquake hazards and criminals passing the public in the hallways. (Thanks again, leaders of the 1960s!) The county spent nearly $7 million planning a new courthouse and buying space for it, plus untold hours dreaming about curtains and light fixtures. Along the...

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January 27  |  Herald staff
What your Seahawks jersey number says about you You don't just choose a jersey at random. Whether it's a brand-new 3 or an old-school 80, your number says something about you as a Seahawks fan. See what yours says about you.

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January 23  |  By Doug Parry
Last week, we asked about how you'd spend the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, and your response to our poll was a pretty overwhelming, "What holiday?"

Nearly 83 percent of you said it was just another Monday. About 12 percent said they got an extra day off. Only 4 percent said they'd do something to honor Dr. King.

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January 21  |  By Doug Parry
Chris Pratt battles Captain America over Seahawks-Patriots Chris Pratt, the pride of Lake Stevens and Star Lord from "Guardians of the Galaxy," hasn't been shy about his support for the Seattle Seahawks in their run to the Super Bowl.

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January 16  |  By Doug Parry
At, we like to take your temperature.

No, we don't poke anyone with a thermometer. We're still waiting on the NSA to work out the technology for that.

For this, you just need to click and give us your opinion on one of our polls.

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January 15  |  By Doug Parry
If you're a football fan, this week feels like one long pregame show. Here's a fun way to burn eight minutes of that: Nonstop footage of Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor destroying other football players.

Thanks to Russ James of Vimeo for compiling this. Somebody ought to make sure every member of the Green Bay Packers gets to see it.

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